Decorative Scrolls

The dancers of Dansa Designs’ decorative scrolls bring joy and serenity to your sanctuary – home, work space or studio.

Perfect for yoga studios, spas, tea rooms, wellness centers. Ask me to design your very own based  on your interests and needs.

Pick a scroll design, choose a size, fabric or medium (see below) and end pieces. Ribbon or suede is available for hanging. These look great inside or if vinyl or vinyl mesh, they can be outside in warmer weather and  rolled up for easy storage.

Scrolls come in three sizes: (HxW) 5’x 2’, 4’x  2’ and 3’x 2’ .

Available for indoor or outdoor use in vinyl, vinyl mesh and white 7-oz. polyester (indoor use only). Vinyl is very durable and both vinyl and vinyl mesh can be scrubbed or hosed down if needed. Grommets in each corner is also available at no extra charge. The vinyl mesh has small holes to allow wind to blow through it or be backlit.

The polyester fabric is attractive – lightweight, durable and wrinkle resistant. Double-sewn hems on all sides. Can be ordered with grommets (no extra charge).

Prices vary based on material and size – ranging between $48-$175. Custom work has an upcharge (free estimate available).

End pieces in black, clear plastic (included) or elliptical aluminum. (Prices on aluminum ends are extra and may vary.) Pocketed ends may also be available depending on style.

Hangers in black suede or ribbon (various color choices).

Contact me for more information!