Dansa Designs in the City by the Bay

As the “high” season recedes into a quieter and hotter time of the year here in south Florida, I look forward to more time in my studio/gallery to paint. I have the good fortune of having a magnificent botanical garden just a few miles away from my studio and can sketch, meditate or do walking mindfulness meditation as I view the amazing assortment of botanical species and colors. I enjoy finding “paintings” in nature like this beautiful orchid showing at the Gaugin exhibit at the Selby Botanical Gardens here in Sarasota.

Our gallery hosts magnificent large format floral photography printed on canvas and aluminum, up to 6′ and  along with my drawings and abstract art offers a cool oasis during the hot summer months. Here’s a sampling of work. These are my abstract dancer scrolls that can hang indoors or outdoors on a covered patio (pictured). They can roll up to be stored, and the mesh version  can also be used as room dividers or window treatments. They are durable, scrubbable and made of a vinyl or vinyl mesh as well as a white rayon-type fabric. Click to see additional designs. These are pictured in black & white but are available with color and remain just as durable. I am happy to work with my clients to create custom and branded designs for your home or business.

New abstract paintings and limited edition prints. Please inquire to see high rez versions. The paintings have an opalescence to them added with paint. City by the Bay is followed by Rising Tides below.

-Pamela Erickson

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