Classes Available – Cultivating Mindfulness for Creativity: Getting Unstuck

Dansa Designs is now offering Mindfulness Classes for Artists

By cultivating creativity and mindfulness practice through awareness we are able to enhance our overall quality of life.

Here’s an Overview for a series of three classes:

Class  I – Introduction to mindfulness – describe mindfulness and discuss simple ways to enhance awareness; Tapping into your creativity by developing your own intentions, thereby starting a ‘toolkit’ to enhance your awareness. An introduction to Seeing/Sketching will be included. Approx. 10 min. of daily homework.

Class II – Introducing simple methods to get unstuck in your own creative process including expanding intention to create personal affirmations; Discuss how to make choices to increase awareness, and explore mindfulness techniques to develop your own creative process. Approx. 20 min. of daily homework.

Class III – Explore the power of visualization to enhance your quality of life by reflecting; Review your personal toolkit developed in this series and explore ideas to find creative activities in everyday life. Option: create a personal pattern with watercolor and pencils.   

Inquire for details here. These classes may be held onsite or online.


Why work with Pamela on Mindfulness?

Pamela is a lifelong educator and artist. Having completed the MBSR 8-week Mindfulness Foundations and found practical applications for mindfulness while working and traveling for a major corporation, Pamela continually discovers the value of balance and problem solving through mindfulness strategies that can be applied to life situations throughout the course of each day.

Honoring the Design

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