Clean lines, Joyful design…where color and brush, pen and line meet.

This is Dansa Designs…bringing the Art of everyday living to your home, work space or studio with products from decorative scrolls with abstract dancers, large format floral photography, linens and totes, Sumi-e style ink paintings, and more.

Pamela Erickson, artist and designer, reflects joy in her art and design. Rooted in the clean lines of Scandinavian design and the simplicity of Japanese style, inspired  designs come alive.

Robert Connery of  Connery Photography enlivens the studio space in Towles Court, Sarasota.  These intimate portraits of orchids (and so much more) can be printed up to 5’9″ wide or high. The photography is customizable by image, substrate and size.

“Find joy in each day through the energy of art and movement, connecting with the natural world and tapping into your intuitive lens.” -Pamela

Contact Pamela for more information.